Flash Fiction, July 26: Four Random Items

Friday, July 26 Flash Fiction.  Today Chuck gave us a list of ten items.  We are to pick 4 and incorporate them into a story.  I used a random number generator and came up with these:

a dead man’s guitar, a rocking chair, a child’s toy, and an iron horseshoe.


The Kids Hit the Road

“Missy, that boy is throwing that horseshoe against the house again!” If daddy were home he would be so mad!  That stupid boy had found an old horseshoe and had thrown it against the house once. Daddy had gone outside yelling, he was so mad.  The boy had run away.

Now he was doing it again!  Missy didn’t care though.  She was probably brushing her hair.  That’s what she liked to do the best.  “Missy!  He’s hurting our house.”  Daddy wasn’t home, so I thought we had better do something ourselves before the house got broken. 

“Mindy, it doesn’t even matter!  Just leave it alone.”  Missy just yelled at me and didn’t do a thing.  She was fifteen and she thought she was so grown up.  Most of the time she ignored me and Jimmy. She was always brushing her hair or giggling with her friends. 

“If Daddy was home he would go outside and take care of the house!”  I yelled back up the stairs.

“Well Daddy is not home! So just shut up.”

Jimmy came over and stood beside me, his thumb in his mouth.  He looked at me with big eyes.

I was thinking Daddy had got taken away on another Drunk and Disodaly.  That happened sometimes. This time felt different though.  The other times the Police made sure we weren’t home alone while Daddy spent the night in jail.  Usually one of the neighbours came over, although once we had to pack our stuff for nighttime and go stay with a foster lady.  Missy always gets so mad.  She thinks she’s a grown up, so why should she have to come with us or stay with a neighbour.  Lots of times she says she’s going leave us alone and move away by herself.  She can go right ahead. Me and Jimmy will be just fine with Daddy.

Today though, Daddy is gone, and I didn’t hear him go.  I got me and Jimmy up, and he wasn’t here.  That hasn’t happened before.  Plus the Police didn’t come and make sure we weren’t alone. 

The noise outside hasn’t stopped.  Jimmy is getting upset.  I don’t like any of this.  I don’t like it that Daddy isn’t here, and I don’t like the noise and our house getting broken.  “Missy!”  I paused a second, then added “Dammit!”.  Jimmy gasped around his thumb.  Missy slammed her brush down and came thumping down the stairs. “All right!  I will go make the little brat stop it.”

It’s a risk getting Missy to do stuff, cause she might do it, or she might just hit me instead.  I’m glad she’s taking care of the house though.  Even if she’ll probably smack me when she gets back inside.

Me and Jimmy waited.  There was a lot of crashing outside, and then it was quiet.  “Boy, she must have smacked him good.”  I was glad he had stopped hitting the house, but now it was very very quiet.

Missy still didn’t come back in.  Jimmy got his favourite toy, a stuffed monkey with velcro paws.  He attached George the monkey around his neck and went and rocked in the rocking chair in the kitchen.  He was not happy, so he was rocking fast.

“Where is Daddy?”  I told him I thought he was probably with the police.  I didn’t really believe this myself though.  Neither did Jimmy.

“No he isn’t!  Aliens took him.” 

“There’s no such thing.” 

“They are too such a thing. I heard them outside taking him away but I was so scared and I was hoping it was the Police but it wasn’t.”  This was a big speech for Jimmy.

His voice dropped to a whisper.  “Mindy what if the aliens come and take us next?  What if they have Missy right now?”  His lip was starting to tremble.  I had to do something. 

“You know what Jimmy?  I’m going to call the Police myself and see when Daddy is coming home.”  I headed over to the phone and picked it up.  It wasn’t working.

“What did they say?” 

“I think the phone is broken.  I’ll look outside and see where Missy is.”

“No!”  He shrieked “Don’t go out there, don’t go don’t go they’ll get you!”  He stopped rocking and gripped George tight with both hands.

“Shhhh Jimmy, be quiet!”  I ran over and knelt down, and held him tight. The noise he was  making was scaring me bad.

He whispered in my ear loudly, “I know it was the aliens Mindy I know it was!”

“Okay, okay, we’ll be very careful.  I’ll crawl to the window and look out.  Stay here, and be quiet.”

I crawled into the living room and looked out the window.  There was nobody out there at all.  In fact, it looked weird outside.  Two cars were smashed into light poles and nobody had come to clean it up.  I couldn’t see Missy anywhere.

Then a guitar smashed down out of the sky.  It hit the ground and exploded, making a huge twangy sound.  I heard a far-away screaming, getting closer and closer.  I turned away fast and ran back to Jimmy. I didn’t want to see what was going to fall out of the sky next.  

I grabbed Jimmy and pulled him out of the rocking chair.  “We got to go Jimmy!  We’ll go to grandma’s house.”  I dragged him to the back door and yanked it open.  We ran out into the backyard and out the back gate.  We ran and ran, and hid when we had to. After that it was running and running and hiding and hiding.  We headed for Grandma’s and tried not to think about Daddy or aliens or anything else.


They had wild and terrifying adventures.  They went over the river and through the woods.  Hand-in-hand they ran through the army barricades, George the monkey streaming behind Jimmy like a flag.  In the end they came to Grandma’s house.

What they found there is another story altogether.


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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction, July 26: Four Random Items

  1. Very nice! Just reading the end brought a chill to my skin. I thought the way you used child-speak and some childish terminology lent a sense of realism to the piece, making it more believable despite the almost unbelievable subject matter.

  2. Jessica West

    Nooo! It’s not done yet! I sure hope you continue this story, I want to read about their adventures, and of course the story about what they find at Grandma’s house. Write on!

  3. Christopher Shawbell

    Ahhh… I was so into that! Great voice with Mindy. A very three-dimensional character with some great sub-text in her narration. Lots of history in this little messed up family, and the setting is great too .. I was hot and sweaty; late summer in a humid climate with no AC was what I was feeling.
    Great job~

  4. A story like this deserves much more room to breath. It’s a great idea, but I find myself wanting thousands more words just covering the trip to grandmas.

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